The District operates pursuant to Florida law.

Each year the District passes a budget for the coming year. This takes place at a public meeting(all District meetings are open to the public). The District, by law, must notify each landowner of the record via first class mail of the date, time and nature of the meeting. (Fiscal year of District: October 1 – September 30 of each year)

Our Responsibilities:

  • Maintain canals in a condition to readily evacuate storm runoff.
  • Conduct public bi-monthly meetings including the annual meeting.
  • Collect fees/taxes and cost effectively manage the budget. ( SEE BELOW )
  • Work with outside agencies evaluating projects affecting the district canals and making recommendations.
  • Evaluate/disposition resident requests.
  • Accept permit applications for any works to be done within the district canal Right-of-Way or easements including discharge into the district canal system. The applications are to be reviewed by district engineer and approved by board of supervisors.

Taxes & Fees Collected by the District:

  • General Permitting fee for fences, etc. – $25.00
  • Drainage & utility Fee – $1000.00 submittal fee
  • The current assessment amount per lot for 2018-2019 is $161.38